Mental Toughness for Mavericks

The Mental Toughness for Mavericks podcast is a playbook for peak performance and mastery. Hosted by performance coach Renita Kalhorn, listen in as master teachers, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and top performers share personal stories, insights and cutting-edge strategies for excellence. Previous guests have included Simon Sinek (“Start With Why”), Whitney Johnson (“Disrupt Yourself”), former Navy SEAL Mark Divine (“Unbeatable Mind”), entrepreneur Amos Winbush III, Daniel Coyle (“The Talent Code”) and Dr. Sian Beilock. Topics range from self-disruption, resilience and flow to high-velocity learning, mastery and performance under pressure.
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Feb 20, 2016

Author of Do You QuantumThink®, Dianne Collins presents a new twist to “thought creates reality,” taking it from New Age “woo woo” to intelligent modern necessity. Highlights:

  • How to integrate intuition into decision-making
  • The limits of linear thinking and how to leverage quantum principles
  • What you need to know about the true nature of time to relieve pressure and develop a possibility mindset
Feb 18, 2016

Performance psychologist and Juilliard-trained violinist, Dr. Kageyama  talks about how to deal with nerves and perform at your best when the stakes are high. Highlights:

  • How mental toughness is like pizza
  • How to move from an outcome focus and assume success
  • The tiny shift you can make when you feel like giving up
  • How to prepare for a performance and what to do when you trip up
Feb 16, 2016

Retired Navy SEAL turned Inc 500 entrepreneur, Brent Gleeson translates the leadership and decision-making skills he learned in the SEAL teams to building a business. Highlights:

  • Why great leaders never stop learning
  • How to keep moving when your plan hits a snag
  • How to win the battle with ego and maintain emotional control regardless of circumstances
Feb 11, 2016

Author of the book by the same name, Paul Sullivan shares diverse examples from sports, business and military of what it means to be “clutch” and the art of operating in high- stress situations as if they were everyday conditions. Highlights:

  • The five key traits of clutch performers
  • What it means to “fight the fight, not the plan”
  • The role of overconfidence in not being clutch
Feb 9, 2016

Psychologist, peak performance coach and Harvard Medical School faculty Pamela Enders explains how to manage pressure so you perform at your best. Highlights:

  • The three components of pressure and why it’s personal
  • The one question that will help you cut through the fog of panic
  • Why a task doesn’t have to be hard or easy
  • How to visualize success in a situation where you have no experience
Feb 3, 2016

One of America’s leading mountaineers – with over 175 international expeditions, including K2 and Mt. Everest -- Chris shares insights on how to create and lead high performance teams. Highlights:

  • Why you need to build a team based on partnership, not accomplishment (it’s not just about getting to the top)
  • The key differences of high-performance teams different and the disproportionate impact of building trust
  • Why behaviors, not tools, are the “killer app”
  • The secret to getting used to failure