Mental Toughness for Mavericks

The Mental Toughness for Mavericks podcast is a playbook for peak performance and mastery. Hosted by performance coach Renita Kalhorn, listen in as master teachers, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and top performers share personal stories, insights and cutting-edge strategies for excellence. Previous guests have included Simon Sinek (“Start With Why”), Whitney Johnson (“Disrupt Yourself”), former Navy SEAL Mark Divine (“Unbeatable Mind”), entrepreneur Amos Winbush III, Daniel Coyle (“The Talent Code”) and Dr. Sian Beilock. Topics range from self-disruption, resilience and flow to high-velocity learning, mastery and performance under pressure.
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Mar 15, 2018

Today’s guest is Sean Iddings, a micro-cap investor, co-founder of the Intelligent Fanatics brand and a fellow musician. Sean is fascinated by the world’s great business builders — entrepreneurs who may not be household names like Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos but who have built sustainable, long lasting organizations while treating their employees well. They did it through a focus on “win win” and attention to detail and, if we’re aiming for mastery, we need to become “fanatics” too.

Feb 8, 2018

Rich Diviney is a former Navy SEAL commanding officer with more than 20 years of experience, including 11 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He shared with me what he loved most about being a SEAL, and this led into a discussion about how the SEAL teams create such incredible trust and lifelong bonds, how he uses micro-recovery to stay resilient and his take on why leaders have to show vulnerability.

Jan 18, 2018

Today’s guest is Greg Kuhn, a professional educator and futurist who has a knack for translating the laws of quantum physics into simple and practical techniques that are easy to apply in everyday life. He's written seven books in his "Why Quantum Physi

May 4, 2017

Jiro Taylor is a fellow flow junkie and founder of the Flowstate Collective. Jiro splits his time between Bali and Australia, truly living a life in pursuit of flow, whether it’s surfing, snowboarding, practicing Qi Gong or leading adventure retreats. We talked about the different phases of flow and what keeps us from accessing it, how to use nature to get out of survival mode, and a cool breathing technique to access flow when there’s a crisis at the office.

Apr 27, 2017

As an international brand strategist Andrea Shillington built brands for Fortune 500 companies, seven star hotels and governments including the United Arab Emirates. She then pivoted, launching Brands for the Heart to help visionary entrepreneurs develop authentic brands. We talked about her journey to living a more authentic life after she achieved all the markers of success early in her career and found they weren’t satisfying, how it takes courage to show up authentically and, how being authentic — whether with clients, investors or your team — actually helps you be more productive and build your business more quickly.

Mar 30, 2017

Starting at the age of 13, Coss Marte built a $2M cocaine-and-marijuana empire in New York City before getting busted. While serving time, he developed a bodyweight exercise program that he could do in a 9'x6′ prison cell — he lost 70 pounds and went on to help his fellow inmates lose a total of 1,000 pounds. Once released, he was determined to build a legitimate business and, with the help of organizations like Defy Ventures, he’s gotten funding through Shark Tank and a successful Kickstarter to open his own gym, ConBody, where he hires formerly incarcerated as trainers. We spoke about his approach to “hustling,” how he stays resilient and the key inflection points in his journey to becoming fit and legit (including the incredible "stamp in the bible” story).

Mar 9, 2017

In 1972, when Lanny Bassham failed in his attempt to win the Gold Medal in International Rifle Shooting at the Munich Germany Olympic Games, he started searching for a course on controlling the mind under pressure. When he couldn’t find one, he began to interview Olympic Gold Medalists to discover what they were doing to win and went on to create a system of mental control he called Mental Management®. Within six years, Lanny Bassham dominated his sport, winning 22 world individual and team titles, setting 4 world records and winning the Olympic Gold Medal in Montreal in 1976. For the past 34 years, Lanny has been teaching Mental Management® to the elite of sport and business, including Olympians, Fortune 500 corporations and the Navy SEALS. We talk about how winners never try to win (and what they do instead), what it takes to change your self image and how to see everything that happens to your advantage.

Feb 28, 2017

This episode takes a cross-cultural approach to the mental game of entrepreneurship. My guest is Tim Romero, an innovator, author and entrepreneur who\u2019s lived in Japan for 20 years. He believes in the potential of its startup community, which is partly informed by his experience in the big earthquake in 2011 and observing how resilient the Japanese were. Tim gives us an inside view of recent examples of disruption in Japan (and his opinion of where potential innovation lies), the surprising trend of female entrepreneurship and how he sees entrepreneurs managing failure in a culture that has traditionally been very risk averse.

Feb 2, 2017

Today's guest is John P Morgan, a deep thinker and coach of leaders and entrepreneurs, who has a vision for a more connected and loving world. Among his many talents and adventures, he's travelled the world and lived nomadically for three years, recorded and toured as a band musician, competed as a black belt and triathlete, and performed as a professional magician. He’s interested in creating miracles, acting on what is seemingly impossible and we talked about the dangers of focusing on probability to achieve success. Like me, John is interested in bringing clarity through distinctions — is vision a path or a destination? — and the difference between taking action to create what you want and doing things to make things happen.

Jan 20, 2017

Jennifer Love is a serial entrepreneur and advisor who has been been involved in raising $100M+ and helping her clients get high-profile exposure on shows like Shark Tank and Biz Fix with Marcus Lemonis. Her latest initiative, and what she sees as her life calling, is One More Woman, and her vision is to help 10 million female entrepreneurs build $1M+ businesses by the year 2030.

We talk about what it means to be a maverick and what makes it challenging in today\u2019s society, how to develop a tolerance for uncertainty and risk \u2014 and her very practical approach to learning from failure. Jennifer Love is a serial entrepreneur and advisor who has been been involved in raising $100M+ and helping her clients get high-profile exposure on shows like Shark Tank and Biz Fix with Marcus Lemonis. Her latest initiative, and what she sees as her life calling, is One More Woman, and her vision is to help 10 million female entrepreneurs build $1M+ businesses by the year 2030. We talk about what it means to be a maverick and what makes it challenging in today’s society, how to develop a tolerance for uncertainty and risk — and her very practical approach to learning from failure.

Oct 28, 2016

An entrepreneur who has cofounded and built billion dollar businesses like Hotjobs and TheLadders, Dave Carvajal now advises the leadership of some of the most transformative, disruptive companies in the tech space. We talk about how doing an Ironman race is like building a startup, what it takes to build a team of A players and what many CEOs get wrong about building for culture.

Oct 21, 2016

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, performance coach and co-author of Performing under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most, explains We some of the common misconceptions about performing under pressure, why you need to understand the difference between pressure and stress, and how women and men handle pressure differently.

Oct 14, 2016

Art Turock, author of Competent is Not an Option: Build an Elite Leadership Team Following the Talent Development Game Plan of Sports Champions and world class masters pentathlete explains what teams can do to gain a competitive advantage, how to "Practice While Real Work Gets Done," and how he maintained mental toughness to go on and win a silver medal in the pentathlon after his performance unraveled days earlier.

Oct 6, 2016

eff Spencer, an Olympian and advisor to Lance Armstrong, Bono and Tiger Woods, says that much of the conventional advice around success doesn't work. He shares insights into the champion's blueprint and why we can't let human nature run the show.

Sep 13, 2016

Fast-talking (quite literally!) computer hacker turned neuroscientist Moran Cerf takes us on a tour of his research and what he's learned looking into open brains and pushing Red Bull athletes beyond their perceived limits.

Sep 8, 2016

Psychology professor and coauthor of the book Peak: Secrets from the Science of Expertise, Anders Ericsson explains the real difference between experts and everyone else. Highlights: Why talent is much less of a factor than we think and what experts do to practice better.

Sep 2, 2016

Veteran jazz pianist Kenny Werner explains the mindset of mastery, why we need to get over our addition to "getting better" and how we can be more improvisational in our daily lives.

Aug 5, 2016

Career coach, recruiter and extreme career changer Caroline Ceniza-Levine shares why evidence of resilience is increasingly important to employers, how to handle both the short and long term pressure of negotiation, interviews and prolonged job search.

Mar 8, 2016

Paralympian and member of the United States wheelchair basketball team, Matt Scott shares his personal story: how he thinks about goals, the importance of humor and responding to adversity.

Mar 7, 2016

Jason Selk, performance coach and mental training director for the St. Louis Cardinals, breaks down his 10-minute training plan for mental toughness. Highlights:

  • Use a performance statement to stay focused and build confidence
  • What is channel capacity and why three is the magic number for focus
  • Why you need both process and product goals
  • The importance of self-assessment and why you’re not doing it
Mar 3, 2016

Former US Army Captain and founder of Mind Fitness Training Institute, Dr. Stanley shares how to train for greater mindfulness. Highlights:

  • How mental toughness also means being agile and flexible
  • The incredible results a group of Marines experienced from mindfulness practice before deployment to Iraq
  • Why mindfulness helps increase working memory and regulate emotions
Mar 1, 2016

Rock star pianist and arts entrepreneur Jade Simmons talks about her evolution as a maverick. Highlights:

  • What it really means to hustle
  • Why experiencing a failure doesn't mean you’re a failure
  • How to handle the pressure of competition and on-stage performance
Feb 20, 2016

Author of Do You QuantumThink®, Dianne Collins presents a new twist to “thought creates reality,” taking it from New Age “woo woo” to intelligent modern necessity. Highlights:

  • How to integrate intuition into decision-making
  • The limits of linear thinking and how to leverage quantum principles
  • What you need to know about the true nature of time to relieve pressure and develop a possibility mindset
Feb 18, 2016

Performance psychologist and Juilliard-trained violinist, Dr. Kageyama  talks about how to deal with nerves and perform at your best when the stakes are high. Highlights:

  • How mental toughness is like pizza
  • How to move from an outcome focus and assume success
  • The tiny shift you can make when you feel like giving up
  • How to prepare for a performance and what to do when you trip up
Feb 16, 2016

Retired Navy SEAL turned Inc 500 entrepreneur, Brent Gleeson translates the leadership and decision-making skills he learned in the SEAL teams to building a business. Highlights:

  • Why great leaders never stop learning
  • How to keep moving when your plan hits a snag
  • How to win the battle with ego and maintain emotional control regardless of circumstances
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